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Harvest Activities

We have been looking in to the Harvest Festival as part of our 'Celebrations' topic. 


So far we have: 


  • Found out why we celebrate Harvest 
  • Learned the Little Red Hen story off by heart and have been able to write our own wonderful versions! This story is all about a Little Red Hen who grows corn that is then baked in to bread. 
  • We have learned a range of songs and performed these in front of the whole school!
  • We have written a thank you letter to the Kip Project who take our food donations from school to help the homeless community of Wellington. 
  • We have visited the Morris Care Home and performed our wonderful songs to the redsidents. 
  • We have even baked our own bread in class and enjoyed eating this with some jam and honey, yum! 


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High; Growing Dreams