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Class 2

2021 to 2022

Reception Autumn Term Learning 2021


It was great to see our families at our performance. We were challenged by the weather but it was lovely that we had the opportunity to still sing the songs we had learnt so well. 

Autumn Term 2021

We have been enjoying the beautiful weather and have been out and about around the school site. We have noticed some seasonal changes. The apples are ready! Some were perfect, others were bruised, mouldy or had been eaten by insects. We have picked them, eaten them, dissected and painted them. We have been learning the names of their parts - skin, flesh, core and seeds. We have mixed paint colours to match the apple skin tones. 

We found runner beans growing in the polytunnel, we took them back to school and compared their lengths and measured them. 


What's inside a pumpkin? How do you get into them to find out? The Class 2 scientists put on their goggles and lab coats.They safely used a variety of tools to find out.

Autumn measuring. We had lots of questions. How many children can hold hands around the oak tree trunk? How long are the runner beans in the poly tunnel? Are all the apples the same size? Class 2 got busy investigating.

The Short Wood Promise Tree. We are going to be the best Short Woodies we can be. We put our names on a copper leaf and placed it on the tree in Tim's garden.

We picked the sunflowers growing in the garden. Mrs. Harris also gave us some sunflower heads. We looked at them carefully, plucked out the seeds and pushed them into the apples we had picked. We had made bird feeders!

2020 to 2021

July 1st Sports Day

We had a wonderful time at Sports Day! We ran a relay race, an obstacle course and the egg and spoon race. Class 2 were amazing. They really showed their sporting skills and had lots of fun!

I hope your child tells you all about it as they share these photos with you.

May 2021

The Limekiln Woods

We had an exciting adventure to the Limekiln Woods. We walked there, noticing how we moved from houses, busy roads and noise of traffic, to the quiet of the countryside. We had fun making loud noises in the tunnel and then we were so quiet as we stood and said hello to the horses and sheep. We followed the stream from Squirrel School to its source at the little waterfall where the deer go to drink. 

We jumped in muddy puddles and noticed the prints in the mud, including marks left by the deer and our wellies! We collected wild garlic, Hazel and lots of interesting plants. We saw blue, pink and white bells. We looked up at the sky, the trees were so tall. We noticed how the clouds changed as we enjoyed sunshine and blue sky after a hail storm! After a well earned hot chocolate, we explored further. We climbed slippery slopes and played Pooh sticks in the stream. We had a ride back to school in the mini bus. It was an amazing day.



Animals In Hands

Today was very special. Mo, from Animals In Hands came to visit. He brought some of Percy The Park Keepers friends, Including an Owl called Midnight, a hedgehog named Marylou and a rabbit called Thomas. We also met guinea pigs, a skunk and a chinchilla. Everyone loved stroking and holding the animals.

In class, we have painted our favourite creatures and described them. 

This term we are reading Percy The Park Keeper stories.

 We read Owl Takes Charge.

Percy is ill with a cold and the animals want to help, but things go a little bit wrong.

You can watch the story here.

Percy the Park Keeper - Owl Takes Charge (1999)

When Percy catches a cold, Owl offers to help make a rake, plant a tree and paint the roundabout. But she isn't very good at remembering and gets them all mu...

We picked apples from the trees by the poly tunnel. Lily talked about the fruit winder she had for lunch and said how tasty it was. We decided we could make some with the apples and raspberries we collected. We drew the apples, looking carefully at the colours and worked together to make apple and raspberry winders.
We were inspired to get cooking in the mud kitchen too.
We decided to make Percy a warm drink to help him feel better. We went for a walk around school and picked herbs, heather, spearmint and lemon balm. We collected raspberries too. We added lemon, and ginger to give extra goodness and vitamins. First we washed the fruit, then chopped it and popped it into a paper filter. Then we poured in warm water. We all agreed, our drinks were delicious!


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High; Growing Dreams