School Clubs

The school makes very good and imaginative use of the extensive outdoor facilities. There is a good range of additional activities and after- school clubs.
Ofsted 2015

Whole School Clubs

We offer a wide range of activities, events and clubs at different times throughout the school year that provide interesting experiences for children of all ages and abilities. We have a daily breakfast club from 8am each day and we also offer lunchtime and after school activities.

Our regular after school clubs offer a wide range of Sports & Arts activities that include Basketball, Cross Country, Yoga, Hockey, Rugby, Flute, Choir, Drama, Newspaper, Challenge, Art, Gardening, Animation, Writing and Kid Gloves Boxing.

We also provide a wide range of visits to places of interest that enrich learning and broaden children’s experience of the wider world. Some trips are an integral part of the school routine whilst others to places farther afield take place less frequently.

Club Day Time Year
 KS1 Reading club Monday 3-4pm One and Two
Chess Monday 3 – 4pm
Healthy Juniors Tuesday 3 – 4:15 pm
Rock School Tuesday 3 – 5pm
Choir Wednesday 3 – 4:15
Football Squad Wednesday 3 – 4pm Three & Four
Tag Rugby Wednesday Lunchtime Three & Four
Chatterbooks Wednesday 3 – 4:15pm
Football Squad Thursday 3 – 4pm Five & Six
Flutes Thursday 3 – 4pm Three to Six
Cross Country Thursday 3 – 4pm Three to Six
Swimming Club Thursday 3 – 4pm
KS1 Reading club Thursday 3 – 4pm One and Two
Tag Rugby Friday Lunchtime Five & Six

Breakfast club

We offer an enjoyable and calm environment that prepares the children to make the very most of their day at school.

Breakfast club is offered daily Monday to Friday 8am to 8.50am

We offer a range of healthy breakfast cereals and drinks

Wednesday‘s is a special breakfast day where we provide a hot meal of egg, beans or spaghetti on toast.
Friday is our Bacon Butty day

We change the activities each week, exploring pastimes such as knitting, sewing and seasonal festivals.
£1.50 per child per day. Please contact the school office for more information

After School Club

We offer after school care from 3 to 5:30pm, through Monday to Friday. Children that attend are provided with a healthy snack and drink and the opportunity to take part in a range of stimulating activities.

The club costs £7 per child per night, with families sending more than one sibling receiving a discounted rate of £6 for each additional child.

Please contact the school office to register your child.

Class Clubs

Class 4

Swimming, Monday 9:15-10:15am
Physical Education, Tuesday 2-2:45pm

This will be changing After Autumn half term clubs will change to:

Physical Education, Friday
Forest School, Friday 12:45-3pm

Class 6

Maths morning Tuesdays 9am-9.25am
Squirrel School, Tuesday
Physical Education, Thursday
Parents Story Time, Thursday

Class 12

Swimming, Monday afternoon
Music, Monday afternoon
Parents Story Time, Tuesdays 2.40pm
Reading club [selected children], Thursday after school 3-4pm
Simply Music, Monday afternoon
Swimming, Monday afternoon
Parent Story Time, Tuesday 2.40pm
Forest school, Wednesdays pm until half term [ for half the class ]
Physical Education, Fridays afternoon

Class11 – Year 5

Physical Education Outdoors, Monday afternoon
Choir – Key Stage Two, Wednesday 3-4pm

Year Five Class 13

Forest Schools, Tuesday
Physical Education with Coach Butler, Tuesday
Homework given out, Friday

This will be changing After Autumn half term clubs will change to:

Swimming, Wednesday